LMS Gold Project

On March 1, 2016, we completed the acquisition of certain wholly-owned mining claims known as the LMS Gold Project (the “LMS Property”), together with certain personal property for $350,000, pursuant to a Purchase and Sale Agreement with Raven Gold Alaska Inc. (“Raven”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Corvus Gold Inc.

Raven retains a royalty interest with respect to (i) “Precious Metals” produced and recovered from the LMS Property equal to 3% of “Net Smelter Returns” on such metals (the “Precious Metals Royalty”) and (ii) “Base Metals” produced and recovered from the Property equal to 1% of Net Smelter Returns on such metals, however we have the option, for a period of 20 years from the date of closing of the acquisition, to buy back a one-third interest (i.e. 1 %) in the Precious Metals Royalty at a price of $4 million. The LMS Property remains at an early stage of exploration and is not material to the Company.

Click here for the NI 43-101 dated February 19, 2016.