Corporate Values

Social Responsibility

We understand the actions and conduct of every Gold Reserve employee and contractor are the basis on which our stakeholders will evaluate our commitment to achieving the highest standards of social responsibility. Gold Reserve is committed to achieving and maintaining standards that are comparable with best mining practices.

The Company’s social responsibility commitment is supported by the following principles:

  • Give back to the communities where we operate by providing local employment and purchasing initiatives, sustaining meaningful community development initiatives and supporting local not-for-profit projects.
  • Train our people and provide the resources to meet our social responsibility objectives and targets;
  • Respect the social, economic and cultural rights of indigenous people.
  • Wherever appropriate and feasible, set operating standards that exceed the requirements of the local law.
  • Assess and compare our actual performance versus our policies and standards.
  • Demand leadership in social responsibility from all our people.
  • Seek to share our success by partnering with stakeholders in appropriate community development programs.
  • Consult stakeholders in matters that affect them.
  • Strive to communicate our performance in an accurate, transparent and timely manner.

Environmental Protection

At Gold Reserve, we believe that protecting the environment is a crucial element of the success of our business. It is equally important with earning superior returns for our shareholders, our commitment to sustainable development and providing a safe work place for our employees. Gold Reserve is committed to achieving and maintaining standards that are comparable with best mining practices.

We know that through careful planning, continuous monitoring, responsible reclamation, sound operating practices and attentive management, mining and ore processing can be accomplished economically while protecting and even enhancing, the surrounding environment.

Health and Safety

Gold Reserve is committed to an accident free environment. We accomplish this commitment through shared responsibility with our employees supported by sound judgment, comprehensive training, and strict adherence to regulations. Good safety practices extend to our personal lives as well. Family health and safety are paramount to Gold Reserve.