2012 Gold Reserve Bonus Pool Plan

We maintain a bonus plan (the “Bonus Plan”) which is intended to compensate the participants, including executive officers, employees, directors and consultants for their past and present contributions to the Company. The bonus pool under the Bonus Plan is comprised of the gross proceeds collected or the fair value of any consideration realized less applicable taxes multiplied by 1.28% of the first $200 million and 6.4% thereafter. The bonus pool is determined substantially the same as Net Proceeds for the CVR. Certain participants of the Bonus Plan have notified the Company that in the event the Board of Directors interprets the CVR agreement in such a way as to include the value of Siembra Minera as proceeds, the Bonus Plan participants expect to be accorded the same interpretation of the terms under the Bonus Plan. As of September 30, 2022, the total cumulative obligation payable pursuant to the terms of the Bonus Plan from the sale of the Mining Data and collection of the Award was approximately $4.4 million, all of which has been paid to the Bonus Plan participants other than approximately $70,000 which has not yet been distributed.

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