2012 Gold Reserve Bonus Pool Plan


The Board of Directors (the “Board”) approved a bonus plan (the “Bonus Plan”) in May 2012, which is intended to compensate the participants, including executive officers, employees, directors and consultants for their contributions related to the development of the Brisas Project to the construction stage and subsequent issuance of the environmental permit to commence construction of the Brisas Project; the manner in which the development effort was carried out allowing the Company to present a strong defense of its arbitration claim; the support of the Company’s execution of the Arbitration Proceedings; and the on-going efforts to assist with positioning the Company in the collection of an award, sale of the Mining Data or enterprise sale.

The bonus pool under the Bonus Plan is comprised of the gross proceeds collected or the fair value of any consideration realized related to such transactions less applicable taxes multiplied by 1% of the first $200 million and 5% thereafter. The Bonus Plan is administered by a committee of independent directors who selected the individual participants in the Bonus Plan and fixed the relative percentage of the total pool to be distributed to each participant. Participation in the Bonus Plan by existing participants is fully vested, subject to voluntary termination of employment or termination for cause.

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